More stories about Water

  • The History of Spas: Getting Back to Nature

    From the earliest times, soaking in hot water has been a central part of human culture.

  • Taylor Restructures Management

    Change is afoot at the managerial level of Taylor Technologies’ sales department. Chemical engineer Christopher Golden has been promoted to director of business development, and degreed chemist Jody O’Grady has risen to director of sales operations.

  • Spa Sleuthing

    Ask a service technician what makes a spa different from a pool, and you’ll get a fairly predictable range of answers: Smaller size, warmer temperature, and the addition of jets and perhaps a blower.

  • The Algae Arsenal

    When a pool’s sanitation goes out-of-whack, some of the most obvious signs are those all-too-familiar green, yellow or black blooms that begin to creep across walls, steps and other surfaces.

  • How to Fight City Hall

    Business is tough throughout the country, but in parts of Georgia, things could be a whole lot worse.

  • Across the Nation

    Confronted with a historic drought, the Georgia pool and spa industry also was being plagued by water restrictions that differed from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

  • Salt on Site

    If there’s one ingredient that most pool chemical regimens have in common, it’s chlorine.

  • Methods of Generation

    Electrolytic chlorine generators (ECGs) all operate on the same basic principle: The generation of chlorine from salt water.

  • Court Backs Manufacturer’s Rep in Contract Dispute

    A jury has found in favor of a Southern California-based manufacturer’s representative in its breach-of-contract case against a maker of swimming pool cleaners.

  • In Hot Water

    We call ourselves the pool and spa industry for a reason.