More stories about Water

  • Texas Drought Rankles Pool Professionals

    Water restrictions are clamping down in Texas as the state suffers through a historic drought.

  • FPSIE Conducts Efficiency Study

    The Foundation for Pool & Spa Industry Education is studying how commercial pools can be made as energy efficient as possible while maintaining appropriate water-quality levels.

  • Selling Efficiency

    These days, many companies seem to be facing an unusual choice: “Go green” or go away

  • Setting the Record Straight

    There are more options than ever for customers looking to sanitize their pools and spas.

  • Staying Mainstream

    It’s true that more and more customers are asking for alternatives to traditional chlorine.

  • Water Quality Expert Dies

    George Belarski, a general manager at Palintest USA, died Oct. 24 in Cincinnati after battling cancer. He was 65.

  • Know Your Stains

    Protected by special additives and coatings, vinyl pool liners can withstand the extremes of sunshine, heat, cold and constant exposure to chemically treated water.

  • State of the Market

    For hot tub retailers, today’s economy provides few certainties.

  • Sanitation with Brominating Products

    Brominated pools tend to exhibit different characteristics than those of pools using traditional chlorine sanitation.

  • Tracking Down Cracks

    A well-maintained fiberglass pool or spa shell can offer decades of enjoyment to a homeowner.