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    Vinyl installers transform backyard pools into resort-style retreats

  • Battle of the Bulge

    Prevent liners from floating with these aftermarket fixes

  • Preventing Stains in Vinyl Liners

    Don’t let chemicals and organic matter leave their mark.

  • In Memoriam: Joe Schmerler

    Vinyl-liner industry pioneer Joe Schmerler has passed away.

  • Liner Notes

    The strides that vinyl-liner pools have made toward customization are well known: The liners have become more attractive, special-order panels allow contractors to build in virtually any shape, and plastic copings are often cast aside in favor of higher-e

  • Raging Waters

    Pools are designed to keep water in, of course — but with vinyl-liner vessels, a central need for builders and service techs is keeping water out.

  • Signs of the Times

    There was a time when practically all of Kevin Anderson’s customers requested package pools with a free-form design

  • Hourglass Figure

    Saving two trees creates a shape to delight the senses.

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    See how sun-kissed stone forms a soothing study in shades of gray.

  • The History of Package/Vinyl-Liner Pools: A New Market in a Box

    Thanks to the gunite and hand-packing concrete processes, the price of residential swimming pools plummeted between the early-’40s and late-’50s.