More stories about Technology

  • Unblockable Drain Petition is Denied

    A petition by unblockable drain cover manufacturer BeeSafe Systems requesting that its products be approved for installation without a secondary vacuum-limiting system has been denied.

  • Franchise Players

    Subway. 7-Eleven. Dunkin’ Donuts. Hertz. These brands sit at the top of the U.S. franchise world, and are part of a category containing nearly one million similar companies throughout the country.

  • The State of Salt

    Get a group of pool servicepeople together in a room, and the subject of salt chlorination will come up sooner or later

  • Palm Pilot

    Thirteen years ago, Eloy Sherlock and his partner, Bernard Zimring, sealed a deal for their pool-building firm by signing a contract on a paper napkin.

  • Future Filtration

    The quest to create a filtration system that handles high flow rates and bather loads, filters the finest particles possible and stays unclogged with minimal maintenance has led to the development of some promising new technologies.

  • Companies Explore New Technology in Winter Downtime

    Pool professionals in all niches of the industry are using the winter months to regroup, re-brand, and prepare for a productive swim season in the spring

  • The Eighties: Self-Discovery. Technology. Image. Decade of Consumption.

    The 1980s was a time of self-discovery for pool and spa professionals, as the freewheeling ’70s gave way to a more responsible industry.

  • The Nineties: Transitions. Modernization. Water Safety. Rise of Internet.

    The 1990s were a decade of transition — not just for the pool and spa industry, but for the rest of the world, as well.

  • Sold on Technology

    The ability to access your pool from your smartphone is going to be in huge demand.

  • Pool Safety Council Studies Raise Entrapment Questions

    Studies performed for the Pool Safety Council challenge commonly held beliefs about the ability of safety vacuum release systems to help with certain types of entrapment. The organization says the technology could stop most limb entrapments once they occu