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  • Damon Lang | Green Planet Landscaping

    A backyard view of the towering casinos and bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip could easily overwhelm a simple waterfeature, so Damon Lang used eye-catching materials and some unexpected tricks to make sure it stood out.

  • Stuart Kirkley | Cool Pools + Stan Gorczyca | Tidy Gardens Landscaping

    Despite a picturesque location off the shores of Lake Ontario, the sloping backyard with more than a meter’s worth of grade difference was a less-than-ideal space to build a pool.

  • Panels 1-2-3

    A lot of weight rests on the package-pool wall panel

  • All Hands on Deck

    Though water gets the bulk of attention, it’s the deck that often occupies much of the backyard vista.

  • The Green Scene Landscaping, Canoga Park, Calif.

    Scott Cohen wanted to design a pool that fit his clients’ personalities.

  • Cherry Hill Pools and Spas | Paul Massad Landscaping | Mazzola Interior Design

    The idea behind this project was to create a serene setting behind the house to showcase a beautiful view to the south.

  • Au Natural

    Vinyl-liner pools have come a long way from their humble beginnings as rectangular holes covered by sheets of blue vinyl, trimmed in the most contrived white plastic

  • Covering Their Bases

    When it comes to covering pools, collaboration is nothing new for Bill Kantor and Bob Elder

  • The Artist: Eddie Bullock

    The backyard of this one-acre lot was host to dozens of tall pine and oak trees. It was a forest lover’s paradise.

  • Artistry Underfoot

    Homeowners seeking to create a backyard retreat often focus their attention on the design of the swimming pool, while the surrounding decking is treated as more of a necessity than an aesthetic opportunity. Times are changing, say pool builders and instal