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  • Spa Cover Sales Solutions

    There is little work in the way of installation when it comes to spa covers, and typically repairs are few.

  • Taking It to the Streets

    Many hot tub dealers have been circling the wagons for the past few years, looking inward to find sustainable business practices and focusing on survival.

  • A Fine Balance

    In today’s pool industry, every dig is critical. But in trying to get that signature on the dotted line, some sales professionals will push the limits of what they can promise and at what price.

  • Taking on the Internet

    Late last year, members of the Northeast Spa and Pool Association formed a task force to develop ways to support brick-and-mortar stores as they square off against the Internet.

  • Distributing Wisdom

    For distributors, the road through 2009 was wrought with twists and turns.

  • Selling Heater Upgrades

    With winter on the way, now is the perfect time to bring up the subject of replacing an old heater.

  • Economic Recovery Slower Than Anticipated

    Continuing economic troubles coupled with bad weather in the Eastern half of the nation have kept the industry from seeing the turnaround it had hoped for this season.

  • Retailers Laud Online Sales Tax

    Pool and spa retailers across California are praising a new law aimed at promoting equality with online merchants and pulling in revenue for the state.

  • Hot Tub Market In Limbo Amid Sales Decline

    Not long ago, the Phoenix metro area was home to 60 hot tub stores.

  • Healthy Rivalry

    He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skills. Our antagonist is our helper.”