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  • Replacement Parts Outpace Repairs

    Sales of new pool equipment are on the rise this spring as manycustomers who ordered repairs in previous seasons are now making the leap into new purchases.

  • Not Always a Man’s World

    Mom-and-pop stores have been the cornerstone of the pool and spa retail business for decades.

  • Top of Their Game

    While the hot tub market may not be as robust as in years past, plenty of spa dealers are still doing well.

  • Texas Bill Links Drain Safety to Home Sales

    A Texas senator has introduced a state bill aimed at raising awareness of suction entrapment

  • The Price Isn’t Right

    A hot tub is not just a hot tub when it comes to deciding what it should cost consumers

  • Shine a Light

    Mike Scalia is helping to outfit the Beardsley aquatics center with one of the largest solar pool heating systems in Arizona.

  • Selling Efficiency

    These days, many companies seem to be facing an unusual choice: “Go green” or go away

  • Polished Up or Down Home

    Walk into Swim World Pools, and there’s no doubt you’re entering a family business — a 2-year-old boy is usually found next to the service counter.

  • Show Stopper

    Pool and spa professionals seeking a new source of revenue might want to consider following in the footsteps of Jan Sotelo, owner of Modern Design and Build in Austin, Texas.

  • State of the Market

    For hot tub retailers, today’s economy provides few certainties.