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  • ICSPS Highlights Research

    The Fifth Annual International Conference Swimming Pool & Spa focused on expanding the health benefits of aquatic immersion and exercise

  • Weekly Service Calls Not Enough for Salt Pools, Study Says

    Weekly chemical adjustments of salt-chlorinated pools are not sufficient to keep the water balanced, according to new research by the National Pool Industry Research Center.

  • Dealers with Data

    It’s no secret that there are huge health benefits to owning a hot tub

  • New Research for Service Techs Working with Salt

    The Independent Pool & Spa Service Association has commissioned new research geared specifically toward service technicians and salt chlorine generators.

  • Warming Up

    Most people instinctively realize that hot water promotes better health, but few researchers, if any, have studied it as extensively as Dr. Bruce Becker

  • IPSSA Responds to Salt Study Critiques

    The Independent Pool & Spa Service Association is preparing to respond to criticisms of its recent study on salt-chlorinated pools

  • NPIRC to Expand Capabilities

    The National Pool Industry Research Center is expanding its facility to broaden the testing it can offer.

  • Studies Show Pool Hygiene Poor

    New research reveals that people’s pool hygiene may be a lot worse than you think, and swim diapers aren’t helping matters.

  • New Research Looks at Aquatic Therapy

    A new spate of research is focusing on the benefits of aquatic and hot water therapy, covering topics from psychology to knee pain.

  • The Chlorine Question

    In 2000, Life magazine compiled a list of the Top 100 Events of the past millennium. The introduction of chlorine as a water-sanitizing agent registered No. 46.