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  • Akins Rebuilding After Fire

    Though a fire took out his facility, veteran pool builder Lew Akins quickly re-established his operation and is running at full speed.

  • Renovation Revenue on the Rise

    Pool  renovation appears to be picking up in several major pool markets.

  • Going International

    Long before renovation work became a primary revenue stream for the pool industry, Tony Adams saw the segment’s potential

  • Tracking Down Cracks

    A well-maintained fiberglass pool or spa shell can offer decades of enjoyment to a homeowner.

  • Renovation Leader Buys NorCal Builder

    The nation’s most prolific pool remodeling firm has purchased a venerable Northern California builder

  • More Than a Dream

    With new-pool orders at a near standstill, the renovation bandwagon is becoming crowded. But don’t jump on too fast. Any renovation project means dealing with a product that was originally built by someone else, and the pool is only as good as their workmanship. In addition, the passage of time can...

  • Safety First

    When inspecting a pool for renovation, the pool’s safety is the most important thing to check.

  • Four-sided Transformation

    When Skip Phillips, president of Questar Pools and Spas in Escondido, Calif., walked into this backyard, he found a pool that needed help. The vessel had a perimeter overflow system that leaked water into the house, a badly constructed deck, and design elements that clashed with the home’s...

  • Branching Out

    With sales from new construction taking a dive, many builders turned their attentions to the commercial and remodeling sectors.

  • Remodeling Made Simple

    As new pool construction plummeted in 2008, many builders relied on renovation to keep their companies afloat.