More stories about Pumps

  • In hot water

    Pumps can be a danger area as well. The friction of the mechanical shaft seal in the pump generates heat.

  • CEC Releases Proposed Title 20 Amendments

    The California Energy Commission has proposed amendments to Title 20, including the contentious subject of replacement pump motors.

  • Florida Primed for New Law

    Swimming pool pumps, heaters and portable spas likely will be subject to new energy efficiency standards in Florida.

  • Hayward Acquires Summit

    In a move to strengthen its position in Canada and Europe, Hay-ward Industries has acquired Summit Pool Heaters, a heat pump manufacturer based in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

  • Peak Performance Pumps

    Last summer, Russ Long, owner of Golden State Pool Service in Fresno, Calif., received a call from a satisfied client.

  • Equipment Pads: State of the Market

    Remember that laptop you bought last year? Chances are, the hardware is already obsolete. Pretty soon, the same will be said of the latest pool pump.

  • An Inside Job

    For residential pool owners lucky enough to have a pump room (such as most public and commercial pools), there are certain things one should keep in mind when designing an equipment pad.

  • Look for the Label

    When was the last time you pulled a pump out of the box and looked at the motor label? It was probably your first week of training, right? You dared not ask what symbols such as “AMPS” or “SF” meant.