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  • The Five Types of Entrapment

    Generally speaking, an entrapment occurs when a person comes in contact with an improperly protected suction outlet, and a part of their body, jewelry, clothing or hair is entrapped, entangled or held down by the force created by the pump. There are curre

  • Entrapment Diagram

    When the drain is blocked, water is no longer fed into the suction line, causing the low pressure point or “vacuum” at the pump impeller to lengthen until it reaches the drain and holds down whatever is causing the blockage.

  • Product Placement

    Safety vacuum release systems and automatic pump shut-offs vary in their placement within the circulation system, depending on the brand.

  • Builder Bytes

    I use variable-speed pumps as much as possible.

  • Pool Pumps May Grab Big Label, Rebates

    Two national organizations that influence energy efficiency programs around the country have taken an interest in pool pumps.

  • Arizona Rolls Out Rebates for Eco-Friendly Pumps

    A new program launched by Arizona Public Service Energy is offering rebates for energy-efficient pool pumps.

  • California to Cut Two-Speed Pump Rebates

    California utilities are phasing out rebates for two-speed pumps to focus solely on incentives for variable-speed models.

  • Industry Scores Licensing Victory In Texas

    Texas service technicians should soon be able to change out pump motors with peace of mind.

  • Maintenance Mode

    A common concern among techs is setting off the SVRS while vacuuming. By plugging a vacuum into the skimmer, a tech can cause the vacuum level to increase and the SVRS to trip.

  • In Complete Compliance:one

    For a pool to comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, it takes more than just connecting two drains to the pump and adding a VGB-approved drain cover.