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  • Sanitation with Brominating Products

    Brominated pools tend to exhibit different characteristics than those of pools using traditional chlorine sanitation.

  • SVRS

    Every day, in the midst of the bitter rivalry, politics and regulatory battles surrounding suction vacuum release systems, pool builders and service techs live quiet lives installing the devices.

  • Cyanuric Confusion

    Bill Peck has been adding cyanuric acid to pools for decades; but in the past few years he’s noticed a change.

  • Automation Advantages

    It wasn’t so long ago that the word “automated” referred mainly to cleaners and chemical monitors.

  • Embracing e-Commerce

    About three years ago, Joseph Musnicki realized his customers couldn’t always drop into the store to stock up on spa chemicals

  • Taking on the Internet

    Late last year, members of the Northeast Spa and Pool Association formed a task force to develop ways to support brick-and-mortar stores as they square off against the Internet.

  • MAP for the Future?

    Some say minimum advertised pricing would help storefront dealers compete with Websites.

  • Distributing Wisdom

    For distributors, the road through 2009 was wrought with twists and turns.

  • Aqua Products Bought by International Firm

    A European firm has entered into an agreement to purchase Aqua Products, producer of robotic pool cleaners based in Cedar Grove, N.J

  • New Program Finances Pool Equipment

    To help alleviate the ongoing credit crunch, a number of pool equipment manufacturers are offering financing for their products