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  • Industry Feels the Strain of Drain Recall

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s far-reaching drain-cover recall is the largest in industry history.

  • Industry Sees Rare Midseason Price Hikes from Manufacturers

    A sharp rise in the cost of raw materials has prompted a number of pool and spa product manufacturers to institute midseason price increases.

  • Internet Retailers Expand, Offer More Options

    Internet sales are grabbing an ever-increasing percentage of pool and spa industry market share.

  • The ’00s

    The decade started out quietly enough. After all, Jan. 1, 2000, wasn’t perceptibly different than Dec. 31, 1999.

  • Facing the Future

    The rise of online retail leaves Todd Joyce with mixed feelings

  • Made in China

    Arlene Stachel, co-owner of Mt. Lake Pool & Patio in Doylestown, Pa., regularly purchases large containers of outdoor furniture from China

  • Selling Efficiency

    These days, many companies seem to be facing an unusual choice: “Go green” or go away

  • Sanitation with Brominating Products

    Brominated pools tend to exhibit different characteristics than those of pools using traditional chlorine sanitation.

  • SVRS

    Every day, in the midst of the bitter rivalry, politics and regulatory battles surrounding suction vacuum release systems, pool builders and service techs live quiet lives installing the devices.

  • Cyanuric Confusion

    Bill Peck has been adding cyanuric acid to pools for decades; but in the past few years he’s noticed a change.