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  • AquaStar Sues Hayward

    AquaStar Pool Products of San Diego has filed a lawsuit accusing Hayward Industries of engaging in anticompetitive practices

  • Sitting Pretty

    “Retail Raves” asks one retailer to specify a product that’s making a difference in his or her business

  • Calcium Phosphate Scale

    Though calcium phosphate scale is a newly discovered problem for the swimming pool industry, it has long been recognized in the boiler industry, where the practice of using polyphosphonates to control calcium carbonate scale is often used.

  • Top 50 Products

    We asked our readers to pick the products they turned to in the past year. Here, we showcase their faves.

  • Getting Certified

    Close to a decade ago, we became the first pool builder to be certified for ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, which verifies we have a series of processes and procedures in place to ensure consistent quality from customer to customer.

  • The Aughts: Early Extravagance. Recession. Technological Advances. Resilience.

    The decade started out quietly enough.

  • China Chases Greater Share of U.S. Market

    For years, Rebekah Decker figured they were just spam.

  • Survivors

    It may be the 30th anniversary for the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show, but organizers are determined to keep things fresh and relevant

  • Short-Lived

    Some, like Les Greenfield, say it started worsening about five years ago

  • Sweeps for Keeps

    Pool & Spa News takes a close look at automatic cleaners.