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  • State of the Market

    For 15 years, Jim Stone Jr.’s small retail store, Sunshine Pool Co. in Pembroke, Mass., sold the same brand of chemicals. Then two years ago, the manufacturer with whom he did business approached him and said that prices would be increasing by 30 percent.

  • Polyair Sells Off Cantar Cover Assets

    Polyair Inter Pack Inc. has sold various assets of its pool division — Cantar Pool Products of Youngstown, Ohio — to the company’s former president. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

  • Quick Hits

    Water Pik Technologies Inc. completed the sale of its Canadian pool accessories business last month.

  • Consumer Reports Targets Inflatable Pools, the Web site for the nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting product safety, has released a report calling inflatable pools “drowning hazards” and warning parents not to purchase these pools for children

  • Accessorize Your Profits

    Veteran retailer John Paul believes that inside every aboveground-pool owner is an inground-pool owner waiting to get out. What he means is that just because someone is on a budget and can’t afford an upscale gunite installation does not mean he or she do

  • Bursting the Bubble

    Inflatable pools look like a thousand gallons of family fun.

  • The Warrior

    I started Super Vision International out of a garage with my friend, Roy Archer, in 1989

  • Equipment Pads: State of the Market

    Remember that laptop you bought last year? Chances are, the hardware is already obsolete. Pretty soon, the same will be said of the latest pool pump.

  • Vinyl Basics

    If you have spent most of your career working exclusively on concrete pools, it’s crucial to learn about the distinct differences between vinyl and concrete before accepting maintenance jobs that involve package pools.