More stories about Post-Tensioning

  • Financial Freedom?

    Edwards Pools began offering financing to its vinyl-liner pool customers last year. But the program didn’t stimulate sales. In fact, not one client applied for a loan. 

  • Drawing the Dream

    A long-held belief of the ultra-high-end pool builder has been that hand-rendered perspective drawings were the most appropriate presentation tool one could use, not only to stand out from the competition, but also to give homeowners a better idea of how

  • Techno-Smart

    Instead of an official theme this year, organizers of the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show decided to go high-tech.

  • Furious Fundraising, Militant Timetables and an Appetite for Winning

    For the record, I’m absolutely boycotting HBO if it doesn’t get Tim Tebow and the New York Jets to appear on the next installment of its “Hard Knocks” reality series.

  • On-call Service

    The outgoing message is clear: “All calls will be returned in two- to four hours; and any calls received after 5 p.m. are returned the next business day.

  • The Long Haul

    Gary Gripp’s story begins like so many others.

  • Rough & Ready

    The pool service business uses specialized tools from custom wrenches to unique plumbing parts.

  • What Would You Do: Drain-Cover Recall

    Just before Memorial Day weekend, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that approximately one million drain covers were being recalled.

  • What Would You Do: Economy

    Saddled by crushing debt, high unemployment and a plummeting housing market, the U.S. economy has seen brighter days.

  • Wiki the Easy Way

    “Are you the type of person who dives right in when trying something new? Or are you someone who hangs back to see if a new idea floats before taking the plunge?