More stories about Plaster

  • A Death on Taconic Road

    When most of us think of a homicide, images of plaster, rebar and a pool pump don’t typically come to mind.

  • Saturation Calculation

    Whether the job involves starting up a brand-new plaster pool or maintaining chemistry in an old fiberglass vessel, pool professionals know that a proper understanding of water balance is essential.

  • Greg Garrett & WhiteGlove

  • Plaster Analyzed in Chemical Start-Up Tests

    Calcium dust in plaster pools may be preventable, according to a recent study.

  • Covering the Drain

    It was May 2011, and the pool season was about to begin. Service technicians were scrambling to open customers’ pools while contractors rushed to have final plaster completed in time for summer.

  • 3M Exits Pool Plastering

    One of the most recognizable brands in pool plaster has become the latest casualty of the economic downturn.

  • Powerful pozzolans

    As plasterers tinker with customized admixtures, pozzolans remain an intriguing ingredient.

  • The Visionary

    I began in the pool industry in 1974 working for DeMar Baron, the godfather of plastering. After high school, I went into it full time, realizing that I liked pools better than college.


    A paper clip fell into the pool and left some metal stains on the plaster. How can I get them off?