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  • Heat Pumps Ignite Turf War

    Two Florida associations are clashing over a code defining who can install pool heaters

  • IAPMO Seeks Input on Model Code

    One of the two main existing pool and spa model codes is in the review process.

  • Federal Model Code Hits Final Stretch

    The public will soon have its last chance to comment on the Model Aquatic Health Code's first edition

  • New California Legislation Calls for Toilet Replacement

    Homeowners will be required to replace all inefficient toilets when performing other improvements that require the pulling a permit.

  • New Anti-Entrapment Technology For Pools Hits Market

    Three SVRS inventors have started a new company that offers a new entrapment-prevention approach

  • It’s Easy Being Green

    The word “audit” doesn’t exactly conjure pleasant emotions for a small business owner.

  • Tracing Cleaner Issues

    Though it would be nice if customers always had specific, accurate reasons for service calls, that isn’t always the case.

  • Rough & Ready

    The pool service business uses specialized tools from custom wrenches to unique plumbing parts.

  • Side Benefit

    When insulating pools, spas and waterfeatures, builders should not only think about the shell, but include plumbing into the equation, too

  • SVRS

    Every day, in the midst of the bitter rivalry, politics and regulatory battles surrounding suction vacuum release systems, pool builders and service techs live quiet lives installing the devices.