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  • School's Project Is First Eligible for Solar Rebate

    Most of the cost of the solar pool heating project in Calabasas, Calif., will be offset by the rebate.

  • Shine a Light

    Mike Scalia is helping to outfit the Beardsley aquatics center with one of the largest solar pool heating systems in Arizona.

  • Solar 101: Grasping the Basics

    In years past, when John Kennedy sold solar pool heating systems, he often would team up with a local installation company.

  • Alternatives to the Roof

    Mention solar pool heating panels, and the image that typically comes to mind is that of a roof-mounted system.

  • PV Basics

    While photovoltaic technology has been around for some time, the cost was usually high and government programs were few and far between


    I have several salt pools that converted their power to solar.

  • Solar Heater Care

    Solar heating systems are growing in popularity among pool owners.