More stories about Paints

  • Increase Sales With a Well-Designed Pool Store

    Easy-to-correct mistakes are keeping pool and spa retail stores from being modern, inviting environments

  • Coloration

    A successful project uses realistic staining, shadow and highlights to convey a powerful sense of aging

  • Pigments of the Imagination

    Many don’t know it, but Don McKinney leads a double life.

  • Set in Place

    It’s that time. The pool or spa filter has done a dutiful job, but it’s run its course and now must be replaced.

  • Salt Pool Primer

    The following links will provide you with greater details on the unique characteristics of saltwater, especially in regards to conductivity and temperature

  • In Living Color

    Pool builder Randy Beard has just completed two pools — one with a plum finish and another in emerald green.

  • The fade phenomenon

    If there is one problem with the trend toward increased pigment use in cementitious materials, it’s a tendency for the colors to fade. The phenomenon is known as carbonation.

  • The color invasion

    When Randy Beard builds a pool, the last thing he thinks about is its color.