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  • PoolCorp and ‘Big 3’ Named in Lawsuit

    Megadistributor PoolCorp and the manufacturers known in the industry as “The Big Three” are being accused of anti-competitive activity in a lawsuit that the plaintiffs are hoping will gain class action status.

  • Understanding SVRS

    A safety vacuum release system (SVRS) is a system or a device that disables a pool pump’s suction ability so that a body or object trapped against the suction outlet is freed.

  • Amid Outcry, Manufacturers Weigh MAP Options

    As brick-and-mortar retailers continue to feel the competitive pressure from online sellers, the topic of minimum advertised pricing (MAP) policies has become a hot one.

  • Arizona Dealers Push MAP Enforcement

    A group of pool and spa retailers, service technicians and builders in Arizona are banding together to call out manufacturers who fail to enforce their minimum advertised prices (MAP) online.

  • Inquiring Minds

    Question: Given the unpredictable economy and the number of dealers who have gone out of business, why haven’t more hot tub manufacturers folded?

  • State of the Market

    As long as there are pools and spas, there will be chemicals to help treat them.

  • Elements of Go-to Applicators

    The request may arrive via phone or fax, or from a form submitted through the company’s Website

  • Neptune-Benson Acquires Lawson Aquatics

    Neptune-Benson, a manufacturer of commercial pool filtration systems has announced the acquisition of Lawson Aquatics, a maker of main drain and rim-flow system components

  • The History of Package/Vinyl-Liner Pools: A New Market in a Box

    Thanks to the gunite and hand-packing concrete processes, the price of residential swimming pools plummeted between the early-’40s and late-’50s.

  • The History of Aboveground Pools: Playing for Keeps

    In the early half of this century, most consumers considered the dream of owning a backyard pool just that, a dream.