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    Business is tough throughout the country, but in parts of Georgia, things could be a whole lot worse.

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    Owning the cell phones your employees use for business purposes can allow you to control costs, keep confidential information private and even protect your business legally.

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    It may be the 30th anniversary for the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show, but organizers are determined to keep things fresh and relevant

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    The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals recently held its first leadership conference in four years.

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    When Tim Colon restructured his business in 2008, it was done with an eye toward the future.

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    As the Texas economy largely continues to keep its head above water, more pool companies are looking to open shop there.

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    Zodiac Pool Systems Inc. of Vista, Calif., has promoted several key executives into new leadership roles.

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    Jeff Ciarrochi had hoped to avoid laying off any employees this year.