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  • Cloudy Water Tragedy

    The aquatic consultant discusses a drowning made all the more tragic by cloudy water.

  • S.R. Smith Offers New Pool Lift Maintenance Website

    S.R. Smith now provides pool lift maintenance and cleaning resources disigned to educate pool operators.

  • Automatic Pool Cleaner Sales Begin to Pop

    As pool sales climb, more buyers are having cleaning systems installed. Here, a look at the different types of automatic pool cleaners.

  • Techs Share Tips on Servicing Pool Chair Lifts

    Now that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires chair lifts at most public pools, it’s vital that techs add the servicing lifts to their routine at commercial pools.

  • Preparing to Open Pools for the Season

    For pool service technicians who work in the frost belt, the change of seasons brings new chores. In the spring, that means opening pools. The level of difficulty involved in that job has a lot to do with how well the previous fall’s pool closing was performed. If it was completed properly, the...

  • Finding the Right Tool for the Job

    Maintaining a safe water balance can be a daunting task.

  • A Route to Success

    Leland Stith was a newcomer to the pool industry six and a half years ago when he decided to take the plunge and purchase a 50-pool route.

  • Making It Clear

    Turbidity is one of the most predominant water quality issues in the pool industry.

  • Is CYA Out on the Inside?

    Everyone agrees that adding cyanuric acid to a pool extends the life of the chlorine by protecting it from damage by the sun’s UV rays.

  • Finding the Fault

    When it comes to spa service calls, one of the most common is a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) that won’t stop tripping