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  • Virtual Education

    Pool and spa businesses have been buffeted by the economy, and while there are signs of a recovery, it’s not going to turn around overnight.

  • The ’70s

    If the 1960s were the pool industry’s early years, the 1970s were its adolescence — a time of shifting extremes, and strange new challenges.

  • The ’60s

    The pool industry in the 1960s was like a toddler first learning about the world. It lurched forward on unsteady legs, grasping at everything in its path with a wild rush of energy and enthusiasm.

  • Southern Industry Recovers from Disasters

    Record-breaking tornadoes in the southeast United States have damaged a number of pool and spa businesses.

  • Vac-Alert President’s Departure Brings Changes

    With the departure of its president, Vac-Alert Industries has named a temporary replacement and hired a company for its marketing and sales

  • Memphis Builder Passes Away

    John McDaniel, the president/CEO of Memphis Pool, died Feb. 21 of throat cancer. He was 59

  • Leading Fiberglass Manufacturer Acquires Trilogy Pools

    Viking Pools has fortified its position in the fiberglass pool segment with the recent acquisition of manufacturer Trilogy Pools.

  • Inspired Campaigns

    In late 2009, Kathy Milbrandt held a sales event marking the 40th anniversary of Apollo Pools & Spas in Reading, Pa

  • What Would You Do: Drain-Cover Recall

    Just before Memorial Day weekend, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that approximately one million drain covers were being recalled.

  • What Would You Do: Immigration

    Questions about immigration are fraught with confusion and contradiction.