More stories about LEDs

  • Nobel Prizes Recognize LED Technology

    Three scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physics for LED technology that's popular in the pool industry.

  • February 2013 Product Spotlight

    A round-up of products.

  • Lighting Up

    Any pool built more than a few years ago is probably equipped with either incandescent or fiberoptic lighting.

  • Illuminating Safely

    When talking about safety-specific products, something that’s often taken for granted in the whole equation is lighting.

  • LED Manufacturers Settle Patent Lawsuits

    Color Kinetics Inc.and Super Vision International have reached a settlement on their various patent lawsuits, ending an episode that at one time caused a rift in the LED industry.

  • Accessorize Your Profits

    Veteran retailer John Paul believes that inside every aboveground-pool owner is an inground-pool owner waiting to get out. What he means is that just because someone is on a budget and can’t afford an upscale gunite installation does not mean he or she do

  • The Artist: John Dubyoski

    Pool builder John Dubyoski had no idea what to do with the piles of stones that his latest clients had collected from a 200-year-old, demolished library.