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  • Pool Light Bills Hit Florida

    House Bill 795 and Senate Bill 926 would impose new policies regarding low-voltage pool lights and electrical inspections.

  • Canada Show Returns to Niagara Falls

    It’s been two years since the Canadian Pool & Spa Conference & Expo moved to Niagara Falls, Ontario, and the positive response continues.

  • February 2013 Product Spotlight

    A round-up of products.

  • Special Report : Glass Tile

    In the last few years, glass tile became a hot seller. Now it’s turned into a hot topic.

  • Pros Voice Glass Tile Concerns

    As the popularity and sales of glass tile increase, a group of professionals have begun gathering to discuss problems associated with some of the products.

  • Recent Entrapment Raises Installation Issues

    Crucial questions are surfacing about an entrapment that took place at a public pool in Nashville.

  • Understanding SVRS

    A safety vacuum release system (SVRS) is a system or a device that disables a pool pump’s suction ability so that a body or object trapped against the suction outlet is freed.

  • Heater Hazards

    Ask a pool service technician to list common on-site safety hazards, and the answers likely will include diving boards, unlocked gates, and blockable main drains.

  • Gravel v. Sand

    Americans rarely shy away from a good debate.

  • Solar 101: Grasping the Basics

    In years past, when John Kennedy sold solar pool heating systems, he often would team up with a local installation company.