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  • A Mobile Business

    How do you go from cleaning teeth to cleaning pools? Ask Melissa Crow.

  • Franchise Players

    Subway. 7-Eleven. Dunkin’ Donuts. Hertz. These brands sit at the top of the U.S. franchise world, and are part of a category containing nearly one million similar companies throughout the country.

  • Businesses Boost Off-Season Sales with Holiday Decorating Franchise

    Dennis Marunde got more than he bargained for when he pitched holiday decorating services to one of his pool customers.

  • Take Me Out to the Brawl-game

    Devotees to the Stop may be aware that I immigrated to California in early 2002; what you may not know is that I spent those first 14 months in Bakersfield.

  • A Link in the Chain

    It’s crucial that business owners watch over their companies with the single-minded focus of a chain-saw juggler.

  • Stewart Vernon & Stanley Steemer

  • Pool Company Adds Nine Locations

    In a time when firms are being forced into contraction and layoffs, ASP Franchising is adding nine locations to its family of pool service companies this year.

  • BioLab Launches Franchising

    The launch of the BioLab franchise will enable entrepreneurs to open pool, spa and backyard stores under the “wknd.” brand.

  • Model Business

    Most entrepreneurs wouldn’t put “pool tech” on the short list of career paths.