More stories about Filters

  • Set in Place

    It’s that time. The pool or spa filter has done a dutiful job, but it’s run its course and now must be replaced.

  • It’s Clean Up Time

    Keeping the pool clean is a dirty job, which is why to clear dirt and debris effectively, pool filters need periodic cleanings themselves.

  • The Pressure’s On

    All swimming pool filters are equipped with pressure gauges that measure the pressure within the filter in pounds per square inch.

  • Figuring Out Fiber

    Cellulose fiber is gaining popularity as a filtration media for use in septum-type (D.E.) filters, and as a filter aid in cartridge and sand filters.

  • Trapping the Enemy

    Properly maintained sand filters do a fine job of keeping swimming pool water free of much of the undesirable bits and pieces that become suspended in it during normal use.

  • Filter science

    Since water is hydraulic, it does not compress and cannot store energy.

  • The Workhorse

    More than 80 percent of Bryant Scallorn’s customers use sand filtration on their pools

  • Short on Stats

    It’s no secret that the pool and spa industry is short on stats.

  • For Clarity's Sake

    Filters aren’t particularly glamorous, but they are necessary to keep the showier equipment from becoming clogged, the system from accumulating too much head pressure or beautiful fountains from becoming bespeckled.

  • State of the Market

    If you thought pool filtration was a yawn, think again.