More stories about Filters

  • Keeping It Clean

    Industry experts offer advice on managing water chemistry

  • Survey Finds Reasons for Filter Preferences

    Cartridge filters are on the rise nationwide, but some regions have strong preferences for DE and sand. Here's why.

  • Firms Sign Agreement

    A filter-cartridge producer now manages a division of a sand supplier.

  • Eye on the Media

    Diatomaceous earth and cartridges each do an excellent job of keeping pools free of particulates.

  • Making It Clear

    Turbidity is one of the most predominant water quality issues in the pool industry.

  • Franchise Players

    Subway. 7-Eleven. Dunkin’ Donuts. Hertz. These brands sit at the top of the U.S. franchise world, and are part of a category containing nearly one million similar companies throughout the country.

  • Nation's First "Natural" Public Swimming Pool

    After a century of renovations and updates, a Minneapolis park’s swimming hole will return to its freshwater origins and become the nation’s first “natural” public swimming pool.

  • Clear as Glass

    A growing trend in swimming pool filtration uses recycled glass in lieu of quartz silica sand in conventional pool sand filters.

  • Industry Avoids Proposed Filter Ban

    The pool and spa industry has dodged another regulatory bullet, but in its wake many wonder if there are too many model codes.

  • Future Filtration

    The quest to create a filtration system that handles high flow rates and bather loads, filters the finest particles possible and stays unclogged with minimal maintenance has led to the development of some promising new technologies.