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  • Unblockable Drain Petition is Denied

    A petition by unblockable drain cover manufacturer BeeSafe Systems requesting that its products be approved for installation without a secondary vacuum-limiting system has been denied.

  • Circulation from the Inside

    Pool builders can make large gains in energy efficiency with relatively small changes, including the placement of return fittings.

  • A Specialty Inlet

    For Skip Phillips, suction and return fittings not only were laced with safety and sanitation concerns, but he also didn’t like the way they interfered with the sleek look of his vessels.

  • Drain Hydraulics

    Even if a pool’s suction outlet cover is properly certified, it’s still crucial to ensure that it operates within parameters that preclude entrapment. Understanding concepts such as flow rate, open area and velocity will make this process much easier.

  • Techs Avoiding VGB Work

    Many service technicians are no longer comfortable performing work meant to bring about compliance with the VGB Act.

  • Drain Covers Revisited

    The lobbying — in the media and behind closed doors — to alter CPSC’s newest definition of unblockable drain may have had an impact.

  • CPSC Issues Massive Drain Cover Recall

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  • Industry Feels the Strain of Drain Recall

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s far-reaching drain-cover recall is the largest in industry history.

  • Service Companies Address Drain Recall Concerns

    As soon as the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced its drain cover recall, the barrage of calls began.

  • Drain-Cover Standard Undergoes Changes

    As the industry and its consumers respond to the recent drain-cover recall, the standard governing safety of the product is undergoing changes and switching venues.