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  • International Connection

    When Swiss spa dealer Laurent Frenzel decided to hire a full-time designer to create beautiful environments around the hot tubs he sells, some associates in America initially chuckled.

  • Keith Hall | Hippo Pools Inc. + Eric Miller | Designer/Homeowner

    Eric Miller’s San Fernando Valley residence was heavily influenced by the work of Joseph Eichler, a post-World War II developer who helped define a branch of architecture that came to be known as “California Modern.”

  • Dave Lucas | Designer/Homeowner + Jack Greene | Orca Spa & Pool

    Homeowner Dave Lucas wanted to create a deck and spa to mirror the natural beauty of his Bellingham, Wash., house.

  • Big & Beautiful

    Larger backyards can seem like an embarrassment of riches: Where most pool professionals have to work within tight constraints, a bigger space means the only limit is the designer’s imagination.

  • Talking About Texture:one

    Smooth, rough, fine, coarse, pebbly or spiky. Texture is a vital tool to help the backyard designer paint a compelling picture with water.