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  • Ambitious Pool Gains Attention

    A Kickstarter project to create a pool that floats in the East River has gained global attention.

  • Pool + Graffiti = Art?

    A long abandoned pool becomes an art piece thanks to some unsolicited (some might even say illegal) help.

  • Modern Day South

    A pictorial of a pool and waterfeature meant to capture the local architecture, incorporating Southern nature with modern style.

  • Model Aquatic Health Code Clarification

    Many professionals believe the Model Aquatic Health Code is a federal standard that will be applied to all pools and spas. But that’s not how it works.

  • Integrating Pool Perimeter Overflow Edge Techniques

    Three perimeter overflow edge techniques seamlessly integrate for a stunning pool project

  • Superheroes

    The Top 50 entry figures represent hundreds of hard-working people, all striving towards building successful businesses and fulfilling lives.

  • Getting Paid for Design

    Incorporating a design fee into a job quote may not be industry standard, but for some builders it has become common practice. Here two contractors offer advice on how to successfully charge for this expert service and still remain competitive.

  • Dealing with the Unknown

    A homeowner or general contractor has a friend of a friend’s brother who offered to do one stage of construction for a good price.

  • A Complicated Magic

    Many of the materials used in pool design are very tasteful.

  • Pigments of the Imagination

    Many don’t know it, but Don McKinney leads a double life.