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  • 2011 Masters of Design Competition Under Way

    Pool & Spa News is accepting entries for its Masters of Design competition, a comprehensive program spotlighting projects in every industry segment, from concrete pools to portable spas.

  • Painting a Picture

    When a designer presents a concept to homeowners, the clients must try to visualize a backyard that doesn’t yet exist

  • Choosing the Right Art

    When it comes to artwork, designers hold a variety of preferences. Some use three-dimensional drawing software while others prefer to create a perspective rendering

  • Heating by Design

    Whether it’s new construction or an equipment replacement, today’s pool heating technologies offer a solution to every consumer’s needs.

  • Multi-Level Achievement

    Some jobs can’t be performed in the usual order.

  • Show Stopper

    Pool and spa professionals seeking a new source of revenue might want to consider following in the footsteps of Jan Sotelo, owner of Modern Design and Build in Austin, Texas.


    Pool & Spa News is calling for entries for our 2011 Masters of Design Awards — the most prestigious awards in the pool and spa industry.

  • A Cut Above

    For the past several years, vinyl-liner pools have become ever more intricate in their design. In fact, some builders rarely install standard shapes anymore.

  • Take My Wife, Please

    If selling was easy, everyone would do it.

  • Builder, Designer, Mediator

    Scott Cohen wasn’t optimistic.