More stories about Copper

  • Using Mineral Sanitizers

    Ionic silver and copper can eliminate algae and bacteria while reducing chlorine demand.

  • Industry Sees Increase in Copper Theft

    It sounds like a scene taken straight from “Mission Impossible.”

  • Automation Advances

    The job of the “pool guy” is changing rapidly.

  • An Intro to Ions

    It has been known since the time of the Greeks that copper has special properties that prevent the fouling of drinking water.

  • Killer Compounds

    Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most widespread offerings.

  • The Long Haul

    Gary Gripp’s story begins like so many others.

  • Using Mineral Sanitizers

    Silver is used as a powerful bactericide in many products, and copper is used as a common algaecide.

  • Adversaries Gridlocked Over NEC

    If code officials change their minds, pool professionals could be required to include a full copper wire grid beneath certain decks and perimeter surfaces.

  • Diagnosing Discoloration

    Most pool owners assess the well being of their swimming pool by what they can see: the clarity of the water and the appearance of its surfaces.

  • See Spot Run

    Few surfaces can match the sleek finish and smooth touch of fiberglass