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  • Job Costing

    When builders cost their jobs out correctly, they can maintain the health of their own companies and create a better environment for the industry

  • Pool + Graffiti = Art?

    A long abandoned pool becomes an art piece thanks to some unsolicited (some might even say illegal) help.

  • Modern Day South

    A pictorial of a pool and waterfeature meant to capture the local architecture, incorporating Southern nature with modern style.

  • Model Aquatic Health Code Clarification

    Many professionals believe the Model Aquatic Health Code is a federal standard that will be applied to all pools and spas. But that’s not how it works.

  • Variable-speed pump installation

    To benefit from the energy savings that variable-speed pumps offer, some may need to change their installation practices.

  • Wade, Don’t Dive, Into the Commercial Pool Market

    An expert details the differences between commercial and residential pool construction.

  • Builders report higher volumes

    Let’s take a minute to celebrate the good start to the year.

  • Master Pools Reports Business Optimism

    The Spring gathering of the Master Pools Guild seems a sign of good things to come.

  • Pool building 1980s

    Solving the mystery: Why pool, spa sales soared in mid-1980s.

  • Getting Paid for Design

    Incorporating a design fee into a job quote may not be industry standard, but for some builders it has become common practice. Here two contractors offer advice on how to successfully charge for this expert service and still remain competitive.