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  • Updated: Town Bans Pool Permits

    The decision comes in an effort to manage a drought.

  • Connecticut Changes Entrapment Code

    Backup devices such as safety vacuum release systems are no longer required on residential pools

  • Special Features

    Grottos, waterfeatures, seating and planter pockets require special attention to be functional and appear natural

  • Formations

    When installing artificial rock, professionals must ensure that every rock formation is realistic, compelling and intuitive

  • Cracks

    When expertly administered, cracks add a powerful sense of motion and degradation to artificial rock formations

  • Coloration

    A successful project uses realistic staining, shadow and highlights to convey a powerful sense of aging

  • Rock Solid Principles

    Artificial rock artists share their techniques for forming, cracking and coloring the product for ultimate realism

  • Rock On

    The art and science of artificial rock

  • For Those About to Rock

    This first of a two-part series discusses the methods and planning needed for forming artificial rock

  • Industry Combats Water Restrictions

    A California builder assessed the potential damage to the economy from placing a moratorium on filling pools