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  • Virtual Education

    Pool and spa businesses have been buffeted by the economy, and while there are signs of a recovery, it’s not going to turn around overnight.

  • The ’00s

    The decade started out quietly enough. After all, Jan. 1, 2000, wasn’t perceptibly different than Dec. 31, 1999.

  • Industry Growth Predicted for 2012

    The pool industry’s economic forecast appears to be looking up — or at least leveling off — according to data discussed at PoolCorp’s annual International Sales Conference.

  • Senior Communities Help Revitalize Pool Construction

    Swimming pool builders across the country are finding a lucrative revenue stream in assisted living facilities and retirement communities.

  • Southern DisComfort

    The Southern states were hit later by the economic crisis than much of the country, but industry members below the Mason-Dixon Line say the decline has caught up.

  • Automation Advantages

    It wasn’t so long ago that the word “automated” referred mainly to cleaners and chemical monitors.

  • Bridge to Everywhere

    With renovations becoming a larger piece of the total pool market, it only makes sense that pool builders would team up with landscape professionals to take them on.

  • NESPA Pushing Licensing Efforts

    Officials from a number of Northeastern states want a construction license that’s specific to pool builders — and a recent setback won’t stop them.

  • *Scott Cohen | The Green Scene Design & Construction

    The homeowners came to Scott Cohen equipped with photographs from a vacation in Toledo, Spain, and a desire to entertain on a large-scale.

  • *Erik Nissen | Euro Pools, LLC + Lourdes Godinez | Maxal Construction + Rafael Sanchez | CADS Construction

    The design team wanted their creation to integrate with the home’s contemporary design, which features strong vertical and horizontal lines.