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  • A Smarter Kind of Clean

    Hydraulic design and filtration also have played a role in improved efficiency

  • Industry Pioneer Passes Away

    Marilyn L. Diamond, the Northeast service-company owner known as “The Pool Lady,” died Nov. 14 at her Atlantic Beach, N.Y., home after a brief battle with cancer.

  • Audit Time

    Taking on a new pool is almost always an opportunity to improve the backyard.

  • Solving Stains

    Salt chlorine pools have become popular over the past few years.

  • Rise of the Machines

    Robotic pool cleaners are moving west.

  • Energy-Conscious Cleaning

    Pool pumps have been a focal point for energy efficiency in several states. Automatic cleaners may be next.

  • The Flood

    One of my first memories involves a lesson that applies to today’s economy.

  • Green to Clean

    Tens of thousands of swimming pools across the Golden State are now plagued with stagnant water.

  • Problem Solver

    Today’s automatic pool cleaners are longer-lasting than ever.

  • A Good Defense

    These preventive tips can help preserve the life of a cleaner and system.