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    Pool & Spa News takes a close look at automatic cleaners.

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    Remember 1999?

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    Devotees to the Stop may be aware that I immigrated to California in early 2002; what you may not know is that I spent those first 14 months in Bakersfield.

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    There is a painting I love by Howard Hodgkin that hung in my office for years.

  • All About Enzymes

    The traditional pool care routine consists of a sanitizer to kill harmful bacteria, oxidizer to break down contaminants, algaecide to control algae, and products to adjust pH and maintain water balance

  • Stain-Free Salt Chlorination

    Staining of cementitious surfaces is a problem in traditional and salt water pools

  • Talking the Talk

    Every salesperson learns to personalize his or her pitches; to craft a relatable story for the customer from his or her unique experiences and knowledge.

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    Protected by special additives and coatings, vinyl pool liners can withstand the extremes of sunshine, heat, cold and constant exposure to chemically treated water.

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    Thousands of Florida residents are awaiting rebate checks from the state under a program promoting solar equipment installation.