More stories about Chemicals

  • In Control

    A handful of leading manufacturers have introduced products that connect automation systems to smart devices so consumers and industry professionals can monitor and control settings using a Web-enabled app.

  • New Code Proposes CYA Restriction

    According to the latest working draft of the Model Aquatic Health Code, there’s no reason for indoor pools to use cyanuric acid, even in products such as dichlor and trichlor.

  • Scale and Encrustation

    In practical terms, there isn’t much difference between scale and encrustation — service technicians use both terms to refer to calcium-based buildup on pool surfaces and equipment.

  • State of the Market

    As long as there are pools and spas, there will be chemicals to help treat them.

  • Techs Find ‘Too Many Variables’ in Fill Water

    Service technicians are reporting unusual fluctuations in the chemical composition of fill water throughout the Sunbelt states.

  • Keeping Tabs on Chemical Pricing

    When suppliers announced they were raising the price of muriatic acid last fall, many retailers reluctantly followed suit.

  • Early-Buy Activity Improves

    Pool and spa professionals across the country are reporting a more upbeat tone to early buys in 2012.

  • New Show to Debut in Atlanta

    The inaugural Southeast Pool & Spa Show comes to the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta Jan. 29 to Feb. 1

  • Expansion Excitement

    We think the key for us continuing to succeed in this tough economic time is to expand our store presence and get people in there so we can show them what we can do.

  • FBI Ramps Up Chemical Awareness Campaign

    Two years ago, a troubling incident occurred at Dublin Spa Center.