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    A San Francisco Bay-area builder learned that sometimes it’s not enough to not do anything wrong.

  • Nancy Dozier: Winning Over Skeptics

    “Sometimes I feel I must double-prove myself,” says Nancy Dozier, co-owner/operator, ASP of Lake Oconee, Ga. Local homeowners have been known to react to the female pool service tech with “Are you kidding me?” So Dozier is determin

  • In Memoriam: Ben Solakian

    Industry pioneer Ben Solakian died July 14. He was 80.

  • Invasive Whitefly ‘Sucking Chlorine’ from Florida Pools

    South Florida’s inviting climate has made it home to invasive species such as parakeets, pythons and walking catfish.

  • Carecraft Hires George Williams

    George Williams, a 40-year industry veteran who’s held prominent positions with several major manufacturers, has joined the executive staff of Carecraft.

  • Alleged Product Defect Causes Conflict

    A manufacturer of salt chlorine generators and a Northeast distributor are embroiled in an ongoing lawsuit.

  • Chemical Concerns

    Electrical issues aside, many of the most common spa troubles stem from failures to properly maintain the water’s chemistry.

  • The State of Salt

    Get a group of pool servicepeople together in a room, and the subject of salt chlorination will come up sooner or later

  • Proper Performance

    Just because salt chlorination is largely an automated process doesn’t mean it is maintenance-free.

  • Rola-Chem Discusses Product Alert

    Though Rola-Chem Corp. issued an advisory regarding certain models of its peristaltic pump chemical feeders, the company does not claim liability in a recent lawsuit and said its product is not defective.