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  • Weekly Service Calls Not Enough for Salt Pools, Study Says

    Weekly chemical adjustments of salt-chlorinated pools are not sufficient to keep the water balanced, according to new research by the National Pool Industry Research Center.

  • Stain-Free Salt Chlorination

    Staining of cementitious surfaces is a problem in traditional and salt water pools

  • Feed Needs

    For much of the pool industry’s history, chemicals have been added to the water in two basic ways: By pouring solutions into the pool, or by placing tablets in a feeder of some sort.

  • High and Dry

    Liquid chemical feeders are helpful for many applications, but erosion feeders present a simpler alternative for systems in need of regular chlorine dosing.

  • Muriatic Acid Sees Hefty Price Hike

    Chemical suppliers have raised the price of muriatic acid by 15- to 20 percent, prompting companies throughout the industry to adjust their own prices to compensate.

  • Summer Swim Season Lingers Longer

    Sales of pool equipment and chemicals held steady through the end of July, and many industry professionals expect an above-average August as well.

  • Arch to be Acquired by Swiss Firm Lonza

    Arch Chemicals’ upcoming acquisition by an international biocide company is not expected to alter its core business, but some speculate that changes could follow.

  • Staying Mainstream

    It’s true that more and more customers are asking for alternatives to traditional chlorine.

  • Arch Mourns Loss of Senior Scientist

    Jim Brennan, a senior consulting scientist with Arch Chemicals, died on Oct. 21 in Nashville. He was 70.

  • Chlorinator Suit Stirs Concerns

    A lawsuit involving two individuals who suffered chemical burns from overchlorination in a spa has sparked concerns about a Rola-Chem feeder.