More stories about Chemicals

  • More Manufacturers Tap Outsiders for Key Roles

    Few in the industry foresaw Bob Rasp’s departure from Zodiac in fall 2009

  • All in the Cards

    We’re working on different advertising... on different ways to promote a service.

  • Barrington Pools Exonerated

    After a two-day trial, one of Chicagoland’s premier pool builders was found not guilty of illegally dumping hazardous chemicals.

  • Pure Chemistry

    I hated chemistry in high school and college.

  • More Service Companies Switch to Flat Rates

    A growing number of pool service companies are switching to all-inclusive flat fees for service calls.

  • Weekly Service Calls Not Enough for Salt Pools, Study Says

    Weekly chemical adjustments of salt-chlorinated pools are not sufficient to keep the water balanced, according to new research by the National Pool Industry Research Center.

  • Stain-Free Salt Chlorination

    Staining of cementitious surfaces is a problem in traditional and salt water pools

  • Feed Needs

    For much of the pool industry’s history, chemicals have been added to the water in two basic ways: By pouring solutions into the pool, or by placing tablets in a feeder of some sort.

  • High and Dry

    Liquid chemical feeders are helpful for many applications, but erosion feeders present a simpler alternative for systems in need of regular chlorine dosing.

  • Muriatic Acid Sees Hefty Price Hike

    Chemical suppliers have raised the price of muriatic acid by 15- to 20 percent, prompting companies throughout the industry to adjust their own prices to compensate.