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  • Consumer Confidence Plumments

    The Consumer Confidence Index dropped 7.7 percent in June to a reading of 50.4.

  • The Little Things

    The simple act of looking at other people’s work can be inspiring and useful.

  • Any Given Sunday

    Anyone in this industry who has spoken with PoolCorp’s Manny Perez for more than a few minutes knows his opinion regarding retailers staying open on Sundays.

  • Keeping Score

    Last year, I read a story in The Boston Globe called “Keeping Score Isn’t the Goal — Or Is It?” The article detailed a trend in youth sports to deemphasize the score in order to spare the feelings of the losing team.

  • Reading the Rainbow

    Gary Nannini knew he was in trouble when a home designer in California told him to build a “white” pool.

  • Service: Steve Bludsworth

    Thirty years ago, Steve Bludsworth had no desire for his pool service company to be the biggest or flashiest when he took over the reins from his father

  • What's Most Important

    This morning, I read a newspaper story about a new detox clinic for people who are addicted to video games.

  • At a Crossroads

    It can happen in an instant. For golfer Tiger Woods, it was the 1997 victory of his first Masters tournament. For many baby boomers, it was the day President John F. Kennedy was shot.

  • Electrical Examination

    When an electric motor stops running, use your ohmmeter or multimeter to check the electrical system.


    I cleaned my cartridge filter this week but the pressure went back up after a few days. What’s the problem?