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  • Industry Remembers Pioneer Jules Field

    Jules Field,

  • Consumer Confidence Hits New Low

    The Consumer Confidence Index plummeted again in May to a reading of 57.2.

  • Be Better

    Recently, I read a book called

  • Consumer Confidence Plumments

    The Consumer Confidence Index dropped 7.7 percent in June to a reading of 50.4.

  • The Little Things

    The simple act of looking at other people’s work can be inspiring and useful.

  • Any Given Sunday

    Anyone in this industry who has spoken with PoolCorp’s Manny Perez for more than a few minutes knows his opinion regarding retailers staying open on Sundays.

  • Keeping Score

    Last year, I read a story in The Boston Globe called “Keeping Score Isn’t the Goal — Or Is It?” The article detailed a trend in youth sports to deemphasize the score in order to spare the feelings of the losing team.

  • Reading the Rainbow

    Gary Nannini knew he was in trouble when a home designer in California told him to build a “white” pool.

  • Service: Steve Bludsworth

    Thirty years ago, Steve Bludsworth had no desire for his pool service company to be the biggest or flashiest when he took over the reins from his father

  • What's Most Important

    This morning, I read a newspaper story about a new detox clinic for people who are addicted to video games.