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  • The Bright Side

    Occasionally, I hear complaints from readers that

  • Required Reading

    I have been obsessively following the U.S. Supreme Court for most of my adult life

  • Living Dangerously

    Recently, I read an article in The New York Times that, though it had nothing to do with pools or spas, made me think of some of our products. More importantly, it made me optimistic.

  • A Fundamental Truth

    Recently, I needed some shampoo, so I rode my bike to the local Target.

  • Become an Insider

    Warning: What you are about to read is shamelessly self-promotional. But it’s also true.

  • Look Who’s Blogging

    Odds are you know someone who has a blog

  • Perfect Balance

    Since the 1960s, the pool industry has relied on the Langelier Saturation Index to achieve balanced water.

  • Mel Fisher

    In the early 1950s, Mel Fisher converted a shed on his family’s chicken ranch into a dive shop.

  • Testing 1-2-3

    Changing a light bulb is the stuff of dumb-blonde jokes. But pool lights can be a bit trickier.

  • Getting Personal

    In these times of cost cutting, it seems like the pool and spa industry’s focus can be read in buzz words, such as attacking “nonvital”expenses while making sure we have “leaned up” and “right sized” in hopes of &