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  • Under Oath

    The lure of expert witness work can be strong.

  • Cupping the Light

    During this past Atlantic City show, I was in a souvenir shop when a Christmas tree ornament caught my eye. It was a small mouse wearing a Santa hat and holding a sign that read, “Be Merry.”

  • The Spirit of Innovation

    My favorite period in the history of the pool and spa industry is the ’60s and ’70s. Granted, for much of that time I wasn’t even in elementary school, but nevertheless when I look at photos and read about what went on in those years, I

  • Chance Encounters, Frugal Forces and Fare Thee Well

    Here’s hoping you’ve found this column a worthwhile read, or at least suitable to print out and use as liner for your pet parakeet’s cage.

  • What’s New

    I love trying to improve things. Whether it’s personal relationships, my house or

  • App your service

    In 2002, the smart phone BlackBerry took much of the tech-savvy world by storm.

  • Pure Chemistry

    I hated chemistry in high school and college.

  • Read All About It … Online

    How to maximize the effectiveness of e-newsletters for the pool and spa industry.

  • What Do Steroid Use and Classic Rock Have in Common?

    Like any other publication,

  • Down Memory Lane

    As a general rule, I think anniversaries are important