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  • Water Purification Turns 100

    A provider of water chlorination solutions is celebrating the anniversary of the world's first chlorine gas metering disinfection unit.

  • VIDEO: Contractor Used Customers' Money to Pay His Bills

    An Austin, Texas, contractor is in hot water after accepting customers' deposits and failing to deliver work on swimming pools and other backyard amenities. Now in bankruptcy, he owes millions to customers and subcontractors in the area.

  • Thirteen Students Receive Scholarships

    A major organization has awarded $20,000 in scholarships and fellowships to 13 university students.

  • Spa Pro Returns to Roots

    After a brief hiatus, an author and hot tub marketing expert has rejoined the industry.

  • APSP Announces Expo Education Line-up

    In an effort to continue to meet the specific needs of advanced pool and spa builders, the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals is offering a new line-up of programs at the 2013 Int’l Pool | Spa | Patio Expo this November in Las Vegas. Here's a breakdown:

  • Contractor Beats Charges, Not off Hook

    A criminal case against a former Pennsylvania swimming pool contractor has been dismissed after he repaid a homeowner he was accused of ripping off in 2010. But he's not entirely in the clear.

  • What's Your Firm's Online Rating?

    Small businesses, often pressed for funds, struggle to sort out claims of using apps and social media to boost customers.

  • Stop Showrooming In Its Tracks

    A LinkedIn "influencer," best-selling author and entrepreneur offers advice on how small business owners can combat the showrooming trend and recapture the in-store shopper.

  • IRS Targets Mom and Pop Shops

    More than 20,000 small businesses across America have received IRS notices, and more are expected to deploy. Could your company be on the mailing list?

  • Think You Can't Generate Sales on LinkedIn? Think Again.

    More than just another social networking site, LinkedIn can be used to generate sales. Here's how.