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  • Marathon Man

    Dave Coyne of New Way Equipment Home & Pool Center in Avon, N.Y., is a marathon runner extraordinaire

  • New Captain at the Helm

    Getting to know Rich Gottwald, president/CEO of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals

  • Online Reviews Got You Down?

    Reputation management firms can help curtail negative exposure online

  • What's Wrong With This Picture?

    In a letter to the Editor, South Shore Gunite Pool & Spa President Robert Guarino takes issue with a photo that appeared on the cover of the Oct. 11, 2013 issue of the magazine. Can you identify the six errors in the picture?

  • $20.6M Toys ‘R’ Us Judgment Upheld

    The retailer was ordered to pay for a death resulting from the collapse of an inflatable water slide

  • Licensing Laws Gaining Momentum

    Licensing bills are taking shape in several key Northeast states.

  • A Father’s Love

    Derek Frechette has been called a fierce and tireless advocate for legislation to make summer camps in Massachusetts safer for young swimmers.

  • Jury Returns $20 Million Verdict in Slide Death

    A Massachusetts jury has awarded more than $20 million to a man whose wife died from injuries she sustained on an inflatable pool slide.

  • Honoring Innovation

    The April 15 issue of Business Week featured a list of the 50 most innovative companies as determined by an independent firm, Boston Consulting Group.

  • Keeping Score

    Last year, I read a story in The Boston Globe called “Keeping Score Isn’t the Goal — Or Is It?” The article detailed a trend in youth sports to deemphasize the score in order to spare the feelings of the losing team.