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  • Abandonment Issues

    When Phoenix-based Riviera Pools declared bankruptcy in fall 2008, president and CEO Ron Ostlund vowed to complete the 50 or so projects his company had not yet finished.

  • Arizona Industry Group Building Presence Online

    Its initial push for membership complete, the Southwest Pool & Spa Association is looking to the future

  • Pool Equipment Targeted for Theft in Arizona

    As the price of copper goes up, thieves are increasingly looking toward the backyard as a source of quick cash

  • Phoenix Market Continues to Slide

    The Phoenix market, once a bastion of fast growth, is one of the hardest-hit areas in the current economic slump, with builders reporting 60 percent to 70 percent drops in new-pool construction since 2006.

  • Phoenix-Based Riviera Pools Closes Its Doors

    One of the Phoenix area’s largest and more controversial pool companies is the latest victim of a crippling credit crunch and construction slowdown.

  • The Artists: Doug Staples & Dean Alexander

    The Tucson home had a giant, grassy expanse with views of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

  • Arizona Secedes From APSP ‘Union’

    Arizona’s split from the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals is all but complete now that some of the biggest players in the Phoenix area are on board.

  • Fiesta del safety

    When the Phoenix Fire Department realized that one-third of the city’s drowning victims had Hispanic surnames, they decided to take action

  • Central Arizona Moves to Secede from APSP

    At a meeting held in August, the leadership of the Central Arizona Chapter of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals voted to break away from APSP and form a new organization.

  • Southwest Market In Question

    As the economy in parts of California and Arizona shows signs of softening, some builders question if 2006 pool sales will be as robust as years past.