More stories about ARIZONA

  • Providing Water

    Two men partner with industry organizations to bring vital water to the people who need it in the developing world

  • Head to Head

    The rivalry between the National Plaster Council and onBalance doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Here is a look at their science

  • Out West

    Las Vegas and Phoenix are going strong, but California remains a question mark

  • Construction to Start on Well

    An African well made possible by pool service professionals will soon break ground.

  • Construction Employment Rises in 215 of 339 Metros

    Dallas and Los Angeles areas see increases, while Phoenix saw a loss.

  • No Place Like Rome

    An Arizona backyard gets a spa fit for an emperor

  • Intricate Oasis

    A multi-layered network of pools, waterfeatures and a spa features complex lines, dazzling materials and optical illusions

  • Keeping It Eclectic

    A modern spa feels right at home among antiques and curiosities

  • Premier Changes Business Model

    After four years of selling licensing rights to its brand, national pool builder Premier Pools and Spas switches to a franchise model

  • A Lifesaver

    When a pool equipment repairman gives CPR to a ground squirrel, the compassionate act touches hearts around the world