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  • The Long Haul

    Gary Gripp’s story begins like so many others.

  • All About Enzymes

    The traditional pool care routine consists of a sanitizer to kill harmful bacteria, oxidizer to break down contaminants, algaecide to control algae, and products to adjust pH and maintain water balance

  • Stain-Free Salt Chlorination

    Staining of cementitious surfaces is a problem in traditional and salt water pools

  • Rough & Ready

    The pool service business uses specialized tools from custom wrenches to unique plumbing parts.

  • Facing the Future

    The rise of online retail leaves Todd Joyce with mixed feelings

  • Extending a Hand

    When I realized how many more accounts I could be getting if I worked with the Internet retailers, I decided to take the initiative and try networking with some of them.

  • Feed Needs

    For much of the pool industry’s history, chemicals have been added to the water in two basic ways: By pouring solutions into the pool, or by placing tablets in a feeder of some sort.

  • High and Dry

    Liquid chemical feeders are helpful for many applications, but erosion feeders present a simpler alternative for systems in need of regular chlorine dosing.

  • Gravel v. Sand

    Americans rarely shy away from a good debate.

  • Advanced Oxidation

    Prozone Water Products