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  • High and Dry

    Liquid chemical feeders are helpful for many applications, but erosion feeders present a simpler alternative for systems in need of regular chlorine dosing.

  • Gravel v. Sand

    Americans rarely shy away from a good debate.

  • Advanced Oxidation

    Prozone Water Products

  • Know Your Stains

    Protected by special additives and coatings, vinyl pool liners can withstand the extremes of sunshine, heat, cold and constant exposure to chemically treated water.

  • Solar 101: Grasping the Basics

    In years past, when John Kennedy sold solar pool heating systems, he often would team up with a local installation company.

  • Alternatives to the Roof

    Mention solar pool heating panels, and the image that typically comes to mind is that of a roof-mounted system.

  • Sanitation with Brominating Products

    Brominated pools tend to exhibit different characteristics than those of pools using traditional chlorine sanitation.

  • Chlorine Demand

    Chlorine demand can be defined as the inability to maintain a chlorine residual in a pool or spa.

  • Field-Tested Tips

    When a homeowner calls with a complaint that his or her heater is not working, the cause could be a number of issues.

  • Borate Chemistry

    Borates are found throughout nature, and are refined for a variety of diverse applications.